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Chronological List of Antarctic Expeditions and Related Historical Events , by Robert K. Headland.

In 1938, the circus made Frank Buck a lucrative offer to tour as their star attraction and to enter the show astride an elephant. He refused to join the American Federation of Actors , stating that he was "a scientist, not an actor." Though there was a threat of a strike if he did not join the union, he maintained that he would not compromise his principles, saying, "Don't get me wrong. I'm with the working man. I worked like a dog once myself. And my heart is with the fellow who works. But I don't want some ... union delegate telling me when to get on and off an elephant." [13] Eventually, the union gave Buck a special dispensation to introduce Gargantua the gorilla without registering as an actor.

News of Bin Laden’s death was greeted with nearly universal relief and approval in the United States, and as McRaven’s role in the operation became known, the Senate moved to unanimously confirm his appointment as commander of USSOCOM. Headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, USSOCOM ensures the readiness of all special forces and directs their operations worldwide. Although most of these operations, by their nature, must remain confidential, in 2010 the command reported that special forces were deployed in 75 countries. Special forces conduct counterterrorist operations, long-range reconnaissance, intelligence analysis, foreign troop training, and counter-proliferation operations to arrest the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

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National Security Whistleblowers Coalition; Operations Coordinator: Steve Elson Steve Elson has twenty-two years military experience, primarily in Naval Special Warfare.

A premium campground, especially if you're a golfer. Located in San Diego, CA, so there's a ton of sight-seeing available. Although operated by the Navy, this RV park is also open to the public.

Many metallic objects were found in the elephant's stomach, including English pennies , keys, rivets, and a police whistle . [b]

The Eviscerator and Corvus regroup above Vardos in the Jinata system , the homeworld of the Versio family . On the bridge of the Eviscerator , Garrick informs his daughter that the Emperor is dead. He shares with his daughter a Messenger droid he has received, which projects a hologram of the dead Emperor's final command: to begin Operation: Cinder at once. When Iden attempts to ask what their target is, the Messenger launches itself at her, telling her she is not verified. Garrick escorts his daughter away from it and hands Inferno's next assignments to her, warning her that her orders are unusual but that they are now living in unusual times.

Admiral Bailey JumpAdmiral Bailey JumpAdmiral Bailey JumpAdmiral Bailey Jump