As fiberglass replaces wood and hoists take the place of wooden rollers, the marine industry continues to change. What has not changed is the tradition of families and friends spending time together on the water, creating memories for generations to come. Let the Bergmann Marine family tradition of quality service and unparalleled experience become a part of your family's boating legacy.

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Producing machinery such as Grain chasers, Spinning disc manure spreaders, Forage transport trailers and short cut forage wagons. The range is wide but the quality, precision and performance remain at the very core of the design.

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Fast response breakdown cover and servicing of your equipment call us on
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With sophisticated BERGMANN products
> Increase the load capacity of containers
> Reduce the number of disposal journeys
> Use less space for container storing areas and waste storage
> Reduce your logistics costs
> Reduce your labour costs

Our technicians and craftsmen are factory-trained with combined experience spanning decades. We're absolutely confident there's no resource in all the Great Lakes offering service at a level superior to Bergmann Marine . But don't take our word for it. Just call us at for a client referral list.

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